Product Care

Cakes and cupcakes
When you receive your cake or cupcakes, please handle with care; keep the boxes level and transport carefully. Cakes and cupcakes must be stored in their packaging in the fridge. Both are best enjoyed at room temperature, so remove from the fridge 1-2 hours in advance of consumption. In the unlikely event of leftover cake, pack away and refrigerate again until required.

Cake pops
Store in the supplied packaging in a relatively cool area. Do not store in the fridge.

Store in the supplied packaging in the fridge. Allow them to be at 20 minutes in room temperature before eating.


Shelf life:
Cakes: 5 days
Cupcakes: 5 days
Macarons: 3 days
Cake pops: 5 days

However, for maximum taste we recommend that all our products should be enjoyed at room temperature and as close to the day of purchase as possible.

For display of all products, please take care to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat sources.